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Are You Drinking Polluted Water ? Please Don't Play with Your Life, Your Life is important !

Experience the World's Most Reliable Fresh Water Delivery Service

Our Water delivery service is here to make the entire process of ordering water cans convenient and simple for you. Peyajal (Mineral Water /Drinking Water Supplier) allows you to order RO Purified water & Packed Mineral Water in just a single step ! Just call us or Whatsapp to place your order, we will deliver the Jars or Bottles as per your convenience. We go the extra mile to ensure the purity and authenticity of the cans delivered to you. So, place your order right away!

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Our Services

Quick Peyajal

Required Urgent drinking water? No worries! Just Call Us and we will deliver water cans to your location in just few mins.

Bulk Peyajal

If you are planning to organize parties or events, Peyajal Bulk Service can come in handy. We accept bulk orders at reasonable price.

Serving Cities

We are offering our service in these cities

Our AreasSigra,Mehmoorganj.Bhelupur,Luxa,Godauliya,Maldahiya,Pandeypur,DLW,Sundarpur,BHU,Durgakund,Khojwan,Manduadih,Lahartara,Assi,Modhaila,Chowk,Pahariya,Chitaipur,Natiimli,Chetganj,Kabir Chaura & More

Our AreasCivil Lines, Rambagh,Zero Road,Kydganj,Dhumanganj,Chakiya,Jhalwa,Bairahna,Daraganj,Allapur,Katra,Jhusi,Rajapur, & More
Our AreasIndra Nagar,Hazratganj,Alam Bagh,Gomti Nagar,Kursi Road,Charbagh,Sitapur Road,Faizabad Road,Aliganj,Vikas Nagar,Transport Nagar & More

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